The Art Of Selling A Tiny IT Project

Building tiny projects in your free time is something that you have to do as a programmer.

The main goal is to test out ideas that sometimes work and you can make a lot of money.

The process of selling a website or application had always been an art. 

Therefore, in this post I’ll tell you what it is like to sell a tiny project, and how I think anyone can.

1. Building a Project

According to many successful small-business founders and serial entrepreneurs.

 Your very best idea may not be quite what your customers want, for whatever reason. 

If you’ve spent all your capital on this one product that doesn’t quite get customers to buy, your business may run out of money before it recovers from the misstep. 

That’s a big risk to take, especially if you’re funding your new home-based business out of your own savings.

A more prudent plan is to start by offering a basic version of what you’ve heard your customers ask for and then ask for feedbacks.

One of the best books that I have read about how to make a successful startup is The Lean Startup for the author Eric Ries.

The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

2. Meeting the Buyer

It can be a good idea to make your introductions in a relatively informal setting like a business lunch, where both parties can get to know each other a bit. 

This will help break the ice and can help you feel more at ease.

It’s important to not let your emotions get in the way, as this could influence the buyer’s position.

Clearly state why you want to sell your business, and try to remain as objective as possible. 

It’s possible that the buyer might say something that upsets you or makes you angry, but if this happens, do your best not to show it.

During the meeting, allow plenty of room for questions. If you don’t have the answer to a specific question, say that you’ll look into the matter and let hi, know by email.

Don’t shy away from speaking about challenges your business might be encountering. A buyer who’s really interested will find out anyway during due diligence, so you’re best advised to get everything out in the open.

I highly recommend the book : Get the Meeting!: An Illustrative Contact Marketing Playbook, it has a set of tools you need to get the meetings.

Get the Meeting!: An Illustrative Contact Marketing Playbook

3. Negotiating a Price

When negotiating, seek advantages that allow you to exploit your strength, but don’t disparage the other negotiator in your enthusiasm to obtain victory.

When a negotiation outcome is less than expected, learn from the experience. Commit to getting better. Increase your knowledge of how to use the right tactic, with the right strategy(s), aligned with the right situation.

Make sure you observe and control your biases when assessing the person with whom you’ll be negotiating.

I recommend the book: Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It, it shows how to be effective when negotiating.

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It

4. Receive the payment

How do you securely exchange code for cash?

I think it would be better to use an escrow service.

Their are many platforms providing this service like:

It works like this:

  • Buyer transfers to the escrow service.
  • you transfer the domain name, users, and Github repository to the buyer.
  • Brief video call explaining the code.
  • Buyer has some days to try everything out.
  • Escrow service transfers the money to you.

That’s it, the deal is done.


I understand that to sell a projects you should at least having a small audience.

So, as a programmer, you have to be good technically and a good marketer in order to make money on the internet.

A good strategy could be :

  • Build things you enjoy
  • Write about the process
  • Attract a small audience
  • Attract opportunities (buyers, customers, job offers)

It’s that simple. Code something for a few weeks, maybe publish it on your own blog.

1 people will probably read it, and that’s awesome. Next time it might be ten!

Keep building lots of little things that pique your interest, talk about it, and great things will start happening.


The working environment of an average programmer entails sitting around a desk for long hours surrounded by gadgets.

The reality here is that, there is a huge possibility of programmers developing certain health conditions and computer related injuries.

From my personal experience, I am suffering sometimes from back pain, caused by long hours sitting in front of my computer, sometime with a wrong position.

I recommend a Posture Corrector to regain proper posture which can help to prevent the onset of back, neck and shoulder pain. The Posture Corrector helps provide alignment while sitting, standing, lying down or during your other daily activities.

I write one article per week about programming, thanks for supporting me on patreon, by being my contributor 🙂

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Digital Marketing For Busy Developer

Digital marketing is a way to promote brands and products online and through other digital channels. 

Most developers, especially freelancers, have a specific audience they are trying to reach, and digital marketing aims to help them reach these target consumers through the internet and other digital avenues.

Website Marketing

In many ways, your profile’s website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy.

This is where many of your target customers first get an impression of your brand, and more often than not, this is where your leads will eventually convert into paying customers.

So let’s talk more about how your website plays a role in how digital marketing works.

The goal of digital marketing is to attract, engage, and convert your leads. 

Many of the tactics that you will use to do this will ultimately lead your target customers back to your website to get more information or make a purchase.

Your website is sometimes your brand’s only chance to make a good first impression with consumers in your target market. 

For this reason, you should pay attention to the layout of your site as well as the colors and graphics that you use in your site design. 

In fact, according to Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if they find the content or layout to be unattractive.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization also plays a big role in how digital marketing works. 

If you want to reach and convert consumers in the digital age, you’ll need to start with the search engines. 

A recent research study by Forrester found that 71% of consumers start their buyer’s journey on search engines like Google. 

If you are not taking the right steps to improve your site’s SEO then you may be missing out on a powerful opportunity to reach a significant amount of leads.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your site’s content so that it appeals to the search engines. 

The end goal is to rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP) to increase visibility in your target market.

The higher you rank on the SERP, the more organic traffic you can drive back to your website.

Search engine optimization not only brings more traffic to your website, but it also helps ensure that the leads you are bringing in are of a higher quality.

The goal of digital marketing is to attract those who are right for your products or services, and SEO plays an important role in doing just that. 

By emphasizing certain keywords and topics within your content, you can work to reach those online who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another important tactic that plays a significant role in how digital marketing works. 

Content marketing is essentially when your create and promotes certain content assets that are aimed at attracting and engaging your target customers.

 These content assets can be created for a number of different purposes, including generating brand awareness, growing site traffic, boosting leads, or retaining customers.

No matter which tactics that you use as part of your digital marketing strategy, you will need to create content to support these tactics.

 This can be something as short and simple as a thank you email to someone who has subscribed to your email list. 

Or it can be a longer, more detailed piece like an e-book, that describes and provides information about one of the biggest challenges that your target customers face.

Here are just a few types of content marketing that you might create to support your digital marketing campaign goals:

  • Website pages
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • E-books
  • White papers
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Ad Content

The key to creating great content assets that help support your digital marketing campaigns is strategically choosing topics that appeal most to your audience. 

If you haven’t already, make sure that you do some target audience research and even create customer personas to ensure that you know your customers well and can identify what types of content will attract and engage them at each step in the buyer’s journey.

Social Media Marketing

Most professional developers today are using social media marketing to support their digital marketing campaigns and drive more traffic to their website. 

Social media marketing involves promoting your content and engaging with your target consumers on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

This tactic is used in digital marketing to help developers increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and improve customer engagement.

One of the biggest appeals of social media marketing is that it allows developers to reach a wider audience online. 

For example, 79% of American internet users are active on Facebook. 

If your are not trying to reach and engage these consumers on the social platform, then you are certainly missing out on an important opportunity to reach new leads.

Social media not only works as its own tactic, but it can also support all of your other digital marketing efforts. 

For instance, if your brand develops an informative eBook that speaks to your target audience’s pain points, you can use social media to promote the eBook and drive traffic to the landing page for the download. 

You can then re-purpose pieces of the eBook for future social media posts as a way to generate further interest for the content piece.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is yet another piece of the puzzle that is how digital marketing works. 

You as a developer, can use branded emails to communicate with your target audience.

Marketing emails are often used as a way to increase brand awareness, promote events, and get the word out about special promotions.

The content of your marketing emails will ultimately depend on your campaign goals. 

Here are just a few examples of the types of email marketing content you might develop to support your digital marketing campaigns:

  • Send a welcome email when new users subscribe to your marketing email list letting them know what they can expect to see from your brand emails.
  • Deliver promotional content about upcoming sales and discounts straight to the consumer’s inbox.
  • Develop a newsletter that goes out to subscribers periodically to deliver the latest content and company updates from your business.
  • Email leads after they have downloaded content from your site to thank them for their interest and even recommend additional relevant content pieces.
  • Suggest additional products or content assets that your leads and customers may be interested based on their browsing and buying behavior.


It’s important to note that email marketing is mainly used not for generating new leads, but rather nurturing leads once they have shown interest. Marketing emails can also be used as part of your customer retention campaigns.

In fact, according to eMarketer, 80% of retail professionals report that email marketing is one of the best tactics for driving customer retention.


A great source of actionable insights for anyone working with tech communities on an everyday basis.

A must-read book for all people interested in DevRel, but also packed with ideas for marketing and product professionals.

Compelling and useful, which is a rare combination.

Click on the link below to get your copy :

The Business Value of Developer Relations: How and Why Technical Communities Are Key To Your Success 1st ed. Edition

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4 PRINCIPALES To Market Yourself As A PROFESSIONAL Developer

Whenever I hear of great marketing or anything to do with marketing I usually think of one thing or rather one company: Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola went from a cocaine-infused elixir in 1886 to a ubiquitous sugary drink by 1929.

Now people in more than 200 countries drink 1.9 billion servings every day, according to The Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola used seven key design and marketing strategies, which made it as recognizable in the streets of Shanghai as in its hometown of Atlanta by the 1920s, says Coca-Cola VP of innovation and entrepreneurship David Butler.

So,how to apply coca-cola marketing principles to grow your software development carrier.


Despite having grown into a massive global industry with innumerable products, Coca-Cola has never strayed from its timeless and basic ideals. 

Throughout the decades and multitudes of marketing campaigns, Coca-Cola has remained consistent when communicating one strong and effective message: pleasure. 

Enduring, simple slogans such as “Enjoy” and “Happiness” never go out of style and translate easily across the globe.

How to apply it : The developer has to focus on some technologies and try to be expert on theme.

You have to define your own mission and try to respect it.

So, after years of experience and contributing on many projects, you will become a reference in the domain.


Despite its status as a global icon, Coca-Cola understands that it has to find a way to speak to consumers at a more personal, localized level.

Initially introduced in Australia, the company’s Share a Coke campaign has now successfully expanded to over 50 countries.

Each country’s offerings are customized to its local culture and language, with the most popular names of each region printed on cans and bottles in place of the company’s moniker.

 This campaign is the perfect example of effectively applying a localized positioning strategy to a global market.

How to apply it :

You have to consider each customer as unique with custom project.

Try to understand in deep his need and expectations.


Social media is one of the fastest-growing tools for effective international marketing, giving companies the ability to reach consumers on a worldwide level through a single platform. 

Besides being an effective localization strategy, the Share a Coke campaign also successfully utilizes social networks to engage consumers and prompt them to share their Coke experience with others. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, there were over 125,000 posts about the campaign in just one month after it launched in the United States.

How to apply it :

You have to be more present on social media, Facebook,Twitter, Instagram,…

Share updates, technics, news, etc related to your domain of expertise with the community, to boost your network.


A significant part of Coca-Cola’s success is its emphasis on brand over product. 

Coke doesn’t sell a drink in a bottle, it sells “happiness” in a bottle. 

With thousands of different products and packaging designs that vary among regions, a global marketing plan focused on the products themselves would be challenging to manage. 

Instead, Coke aims to sell consumers the experience and lifestyle associated with its brand. 

For example, Coke recently unveiled a new packaging campaign where they individualized 2 million bottle designs

AdWeek writer Tim Nudd writes :

 The resulting product conveys to ‘Diet Coke lovers that they are extraordinary, by creating unique one-of-a-kind extraordinary bottles,’ 

said Alon Zamir, vp of marketing for Coca-Cola Israel.

Though the products may vary, the experiences they are selling,happiness, friendship, are universally shared and understood.

How to apply it :

Create your own brand,and try to develop this brand and dominate you’re a category in your domain.

People buy from someone knows and trust.


Being highly competent is good, but if you are competent and famous is excellent.

A great source of actionable insights for anyone working with tech communities on an everyday basis. 

A must-read book for all people interested in DevRel, but also packed with ideas for marketing and product professionals.

 Compelling and useful, which is a rare combination.

Click on the link below to get your copy :

The Business Value of Developer Relations: How and Why Technical Communities Are Key To Your Success 1st ed. Edition

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