Most Graduates Unable to Pass Coding Interviews

Most Graduates Unable to Pass Coding Interviews

The number one reason that most graduates that have a BS in Computer Science are not able to pass technical coding interviews might surprise you.

I had prepared for a technical interview for a web developer on our team. I have two questions ready, questions that I had asked candidates multiple times before.

The candidate came in and sat down. He had a degree in Computer Science, and a long list of credentials that would prepare him for a mid-level job, and I was prepared to interview a entry-level developer job.

I have explained the first question, and let him to answer.

The candidate struggled to write simple code on the white paper.

So, from this experience I have get this lesson:

As an interviewer, it is your job to identify candidates that are both smart and get things done. It turns out there are very few people who are both of these things that are interviewing for programming positions.

Software development is something that is difficult and that is why good programmers are in demand. Getting the skills to become an in-demand programmer actually isn’t that difficult at all.

There are only three takeaways that you need to be an in-demand developer, regardless of if you have a degree in Computer Science or not!

The developers who focus on mastering these three skills have huge advantages in their programming career. Here’s what actually matters.


1-Code writing principles come from the 70’s

General principles of software development come a long way and have not changed much since. 

Sure the languages have evolved and we have built on these simple principles to create great things. BUT, the same principles do still apply, so make sure to become very well accustomed to them.

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2-Group code by responsibility

Code has a very specific reason of existence.

 It solves a problem. 

If you follow this problem backwards then you will end up on a specific role or even a specific person. 

Group code with similar responsibilities together.

CHECK THIS BOOK: The Pragmatic Programmer by David Thomas and Andrew Hunt

3-Do not stop learning

One of the worst things that can happen to a software developer is to become obsolete. 

Getting ahead of your time is a key skill to have in these days of change. Getting yourself accustomed with new languages and frameworks. 

Follow or even contribute to the software community. 

Talk with other professionals and keep yourself relevant.

CHECK THIS BOOK: The Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin


Once you understand these concepts and work improve yourself, you’ll find that you’re the type of in-demand developer who is able to pass coding interviews with ease.


The working environment of an average programmer entails sitting around a desk for long hours surrounded by gadgets.

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