Don’t Panic This is The Best way to Learn Programming

Don't Panic This is The Best way to Learn Programming

Learning programming is fun and exciting but most people who start fail along the way and never fully realize their potential. 

Before I tell how to get started, first here are 3 reasons why most wannabe programmers fail.

1. You think it’s too easy.

 Most programmers when they about learning to code imagine that it’s all about picking up some tutorials, holding yourself up for a few hours during the weekend and you come out a professional computer programmer.

 Far from the truth. You’ll need to dedicate more time consistently to learning in order to have a breakthrough.

2. You lack real focus

For most programmers, they get started learning with no particular target or goal in mind. 

That is, they have no particular project in mind or problem that they’d like to solve.

 The excitement of merely learning something new worked up in first few hours.

 So, you need a more solid drive or motivation to keep you going, a problem you’d like to solve with this skill you are learning.

3. Too high expectations.

Ok, there is a high demand for software developers.

 In fact web developers are even in higher demand. 

But wait, this doesn’t mean companies are just going to hire you for writing a script that prints “Hello World!” to the screen.

 Getting hired actual takes more time and effort in polishing up your skills & experience, not to mention that your pay will really be low at the start

You might even have to work for free just to get that experience that someone will be willing to pay for.

So how then, how do you get started learning to code?

Here is a 3 step guide that will make your life easier than you imagined.

I. Identify your field.

There are a countless number of programming languages and you couldn’t possibly learn all of them. 

Besides, there is not a one-size-fits-all programming language.

 Do you want to venture into Mobile App development, Web development, Game development or Desktop App development? 

Each has it’s best choice of tools, so it will help you settle on a programming language.

II. Learn the basics

Once you settle on your favorite field and a programming language, get started learning the basics. 

III. Build a project

After you got the basics right, quickly get onto building something real. 

Something that can be used by someone else. Not a Todo App.

 Could be a library, framework, software, plugin or package. 

This will enable you to put your skills together and call to action your problem solving skills. 


It is these actual projects that you build that will get you hired. It is what will count as experience for you.

This way you can be able to get your software career launched in the fastest way possible.


I am going to recommend a great book, for people who decided to begin teaching themselves how to code.

The content is clear and concisely presented in steps that gradually build on each other in a way that allows you to follow along smoothly.

Click on the link below to get your copy :

The Self-Taught Programmer: The Definitive Guide to Programming Professionally

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