It is Never too Late to Learn How to Program 

It is Never too Late to Learn How to Program

I have seen a lot of people in old age, wants to start learning how to program.

But, they get unmotivated by their age.

40 is a GREAT age to learn programming !

There’s multiple reasons for this. I’m assuming you’re asking for practical reasons.

Can I learn programming now and still get a job ? 

yes, you can ! 

So I’ll start with those, but then also cover some of the other benefits of learning programming, that you may not have considered.

1- Industry demand for programmers is still really high

The whole game about companies only wanting programmers under 35 really only applies heavily in the startup world (and then, only sometimes) and in Silicon Valley and perhaps maybe NYC, but to a lesser degree.

Otherwise, the demand for programmers is so much higher than the supply that I’ve seen companies just in the past 5 years, hire people with no or minimal programming background to fill the gap, mathematicians will do, is often what companies resort to.

2- 40 still is not as old as you might be thinking

Yes, neuroplasticity can tend to begin declining in your mid-thirties, but you don’t lose your ability to learn new things overnight. 

All you need is a great dose of curiosity and to enjoy tinkering. 

Step 1 to being a programmer is to sit down at your computer and start messing around with it. 

Break it, then figure out how to fix it, rinse and repeat. 

Learn how to do things from Powershell (if on Windows) or the Bash Terminal (if on Linux/Mac) and see how much you can do without relying on fancy UI’s.

Interacting with the system through the terminal is kind-of like 1st step programming, because you’re interacting with the system through written commands.

3- Neuroplasticity

The research suggests out that learning new things, help to preserve your neuroplasticity as you get older. 

Playing musical instruments and computer programming are often cited as things you could learn that accomplish this goal particularly well.

I think programming does pretty well in this regard, because it encourages continuous learning, there’s always new programming languages coming out and programming languages tend to evolve over time, and the same is true of the programming tools and frameworks you’ll use. 

So, it’s actually good to pick-up programming for your mental health, even if it’s just for a hobby.

4-Getting Better Appreciation

You’ll gain a better appreciation for and understanding of the electronic devices such as smart devices, tablet, PCs, and computers and other devices.

That will make you more aware of how much work goes into those devices and what the vulnerabilities and risks are that come with using each device.

 You will gain a lot of knowledge simply from learning to program, something like a website using a framework like spring Boot or Angular.


As I said, It’s never too late to start your programming journey, you need just to have passion and patience to do it.

Good luck 🙂


I am going to recommend a great book, for people who decided to begin teaching themselves how to code.

The content is clear and concisely presented in steps that gradually build on each other in a way that allows you to follow along smoothly.

Click on the link below to get your copy :

The Self-Taught Programmer: The Definitive Guide to Programming Professionally

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