The Best Advice I Wish I know When I Start Programming

The Best Advice I Wish I know When I Start Programming

In this article I am going to share with some advices that will make you a strong programmer.

1- Practice makes perfection

I can’t elaborate more than this.

2- Don’t be disappointed if you see codes and apps that looks pretty complicated. 

Believe me, those who made such apps like Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook have practiced decade maybe decades to make such apps.

You need time. The difference between a master and a beginner is time.

3-You need a good team 

A good team will inspire you and push you beyond your limits.

4- Write clear and readable codes 

 It will help you to read your own codes after decade and let other programmers know what you did.

5- Syntax should be written with utmost concentration

 Because,A little syntax mistake can rise lots of problem like forgetting a semi colon or writing fuction() instead of function().

6- Write meaningful and simple names

 It’s all about your variables, functions or whatever plus master reading others code. 

7-Coding is not complex

There is no such big problem in coding, there is always a set of small problems that forms that big problem.

8-Reading Books

Read a lot of books, books have always been the best resources to learn anything. 

9-You are not bored, you are just not motivated 

Don’t think you are bored while coding. the bitter truth is that you are not bored you are just not motivated.

10-Don’t always believe in Youtubers

Don’t always believe in Youtubers, saying top 10 programming language to learn in 2020 when you see the list, cobol comes first.

11-Don’t worry about the time

Don’t worry about the time to learn coding. 

It usually takes decade to master a language. Just make sure you are not going astray. 

Every good thing needs time, don’t hurry to make stuffs done overnight.


As Elon Mask said :

You don’t need college to learn stuff, the value is seeing whether somebody can work hard at something

So, you have to have a plan to improve your coding skills every day, and don’t stop learning.

After years of experience you will find yourself an expert on the domain.


I am going to recommend a great book, for people who decided to begin teaching themselves how to code. 

The content is clear and concisely presented in steps that gradually build on each other in a way that allows you to follow along smoothly.

Click on the link below to get your copy :

The Self-Taught Programmer: The Definitive Guide to Programming Professionally

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